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The SMT is part of a comprehensive, four-year public high school that engages and empowers students to become 21st-century creative problem-solvers through interdisciplinary research and application in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Skyview Science, Math and Technology, or SMT, is dedicated to providing a challenging academic program that prepares students for college-level study while letting them participate in a traditional high school experience. The program focuses on the integration of rigorous science, math and technology content to solve difficult problems using a hands-on approach. Skyview’s SMT also offers Project Lead The Way pre-engineering, computer science courses, including video game programming courses. These courses emphasize problem-solving skills and design processes used by engineers and programmers that are incorporated with state-of-the-art technology and hands-on projects.

Advanced Placement (college-level) science and math classes are also offered to earn college credit for universities within the United States. Individual and group research, design projects and academic competitions allow students to experience the challenges of their future careers. If a student is considering a career with a foundation in science, engineering, technology or math, then successful participation in the Skyview SMT will ensure them the necessary coursework to build a competitive transcript when applying for admission to future programs, colleges and universities.


of Skyview’s faculty teaches in the SMT choice program


of Skyview students are in the SMT choice program

What is the difference between iTech Preparatory and the Skyview SMT?

Skyview is a comprehensive high school with extensive academic, athletic and extracurricular offerings. The Science, Math and Technology represents an opportunity for students to receive academic recognition (an SMT diploma) for their success in taking more science, tech, engineering and math—STEM—courses, competing in the a science fair and being active participants in the STEM community. By contrast, iTech is a full-day high school wherein the goal is to implement project-based learning with a STEM vision across the broad spectrum of curricula.


Work hard, play hard. Learn about the special events that make the SMT choice program unique. 

Graduation requirements

Challenging, interesting classes and projects that prepare students for post–high school studies and careers.

SMT-approved credits
hours of community service
independent project
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