Free meals for all students

Purchasing and payments

All schools use point-of-sale software to track cafeteria sales and deposits. The system works much like a debit card. Parents make a deposit (cash or check) at the school in any amount for their child’s meal purchases. When the student makes a purchase, he/she provides a five-digit pin number (cafeteria staff can look up a student’s pin number if necessary). The cost of each meal, as well as a la carte juice and milk, will be deducted from the account. Deposits are not required for students approved for free meals unless they purchase a second meal, extra milk or juice.

Parents may monitor their child’s account balance through their online Parent Access account. Please check with the school office about setting up an account for Parent Access if you do not have one.

Any money left in the account at the end of the year will be transferred into the student’s account for the next school year. Parents of seniors who have graduated can request a refund at Skyview.

Off-campus lunch passes

Eleventh and 12th-graders can obtain off-campus passes for the purpose of leaving campus to eat lunch. These passes can be obtained in the attendance office or on the student check-in day in August. These passes require written parent approval. Students who are truant or consistently late getting back from lunch or taking other students with them who are not authorized to leave will be subject to disciplinary action and/or have their off-campus pass revoked for the rest of the semester.