Parents’ Guide to Skyview’s Graduation 2018

When: June 14, 2018 at 8 p.m.

Where: Sunlight Supply Amphitheater

Tickets and photo ordering forms are attached:

  • You have 15 tickets for the amphitheater. If you do not need that many tickets, please leave your extra tickets at Skyview or drop them in a box as you enter the amphitheater. The seniors will walk around the wide walkway, which separates the upper from lower seating sections as they enter the amphitheater.
  • Your picture ordering forms are also attached. Photos of your graduate receiving his or her diploma will be taken by Dorian, a professional studio.

Parking:  Will not be available until 6:30 since Hudson’s Bay is graduating at 5:00 and those parents need time to leave.  However, they are using a different parking lot than Skyview is.

  • The amphitheater parking crew will direct Skyview folks for parking, including directions for handicapped parking.
  • Seniors need to be at Skyview by 5:30 and will be bused to the amphitheater.
  • After graduation, 2 buses will return to Skyview for graduates who aren’t riding the party buses or going home with their parents.

Personal photo areas with graduation:  Before graduation, agree upon a spot for seniors to meet the family after graduation.

  • It is best to take photos before graduation at home or come to Skyview well before 5:30 and take them outside.
  • There is limited time to take photos after graduation, but you may have time for a few. The party buses leave about 45 minutes after graduation ends.

Party bus information:  Party buses will be parked in the bus area where the seniors were dropped off prior to graduation.  Party organizers will check off graduates as they enter the bus they signed up for such as the blue bus of the yellow bus.

  • Bag check will be available for graduates at the senior breakfast on June 8 if they want to bring a change of clothing for the post-graduation party. Our parent group will get those bags on the correct senior’s party bus.

After graduation:

  • Graduates may keep or donate their robes when they pick up their actual diplomas on Friday, June 15th from 12-4 p.m. at Skyview High School.
  • Remember if fines are owed, diplomas are held until fines are paid. Also in some cases, the diplomas of Running Start students are held until we receive Clark grades.