In The Commons

Tue March 27th, Wed March 28th, Thursday March 29th (Make up day Wednesday April 11)

*All 4th period English classes below will take 2nd lunch these days and meet in the AUDITORIUM during the 1st 4th period from 10:50-11:40

Tuesday March 27th current Juniors (English 11, AP Lang)

1st period:  Harris, Sharpe, Wyley Jay, Matt, Steph

2nd period: Harris, Sharpe Chrissy, Julie

3rd period:  Harris, Annis Jay, George

*4th period: Harris, Annis Matt, Kristina (AUDITORIUM) 1st 4th (10:50-11:40)

5th period:  Harris, Dunlap, Annis Jay, Kristina, George

6th period: Dunlap, Annis Matt, Chrissy

Wednesday March 28th: current Sophomores (English 10, PAP English 10)

1st period: Jeffrey, Merryman Jay, George

2nd period: Merryman, Jeffrey, Wyley Chrissy, Julie, Steph

3rd period:  Reese, Merryman, Wales George, Kristina, Julie

*4th period: Reese, Merryman, Wyley Julie, Steph, Kristina, Matt (AUDITORIUM) 1st 4th (10:50-11:40)

5th period: Sharpe, Cleeland, Wyley Chrissy, Jay, George

6th period:  Sharpe, Reese, Wyley Chrissy, Matt, Julie

Thursday March 29th: current Froshman (English 9, SMT English 9, PAP English 9)

1st period: Hansen, Manier, Hert Jay, Kristina

2nd period: Jarnigan, Hansen, Hert Steph, Chrissy, Julie

3rd period: Jarnigan, Hansen, Hert Steph, Chrissy, George

*4th period: Jarnigan, Hert(take 2nd lunch) George,Kristina (AUDITORIUM) 1st 4th (10:50-11:40)

5th period: Hansen, Jeffrey, Jarnigan Jay, Julie, Matt

6th period: Jeffrey, Hert, Jarnigan Steph, Kristina, Matt

Wednesday April 11th: Career Center with Chris: Make up Day

1st Period: Jay

2nd Period: Matt

3rd Period: George

4th Period: Chrissy/Steph

5th Period: Julie

6th Period: Kristina