SENIORS Guide to June 14th, 2018

Morning Rehearsal:
8am : Seniors arrive and report to the upper gym. Enter from North Hallway entrance. Leave grad party
overnight bag with parent volunteers.
8:00-9:15am: We begin seating students in their alpha rows. Robed teachers lead students from
bleachers into their assigned seats in the lower gym. Students will receive a name card that they write
their name on. They should write their name based on how they want it to be announced when they
receive their diploma.
9:15-9:45am : Jim discusses what our rehearsal will look like and last remarks.
9:45-10:00am : Once buses arrive, board buses around the back lot (Students go up the staircase into the
parking lot with their robed teacher).
10:15am : Buses depart to amphitheater.
10:30am : Arrive at amphitheater and robed teachers take students off of bus, organize in rows under the
covered area on the southside loading dock, and have them begin their walk through to their seats.
10:45am: Graduation Walk-through begins (led by Mr. Gray)
11:45am: Students practice leaving the amphitheater and get back on their buses.
12:15-12:30pm : Graduates return to Skyview. Seniors leave immediately after arriving back to Skyview.
5:30pm : Students arrive at Skyview.
5:30-6:50pm : Students checking in and going to their assigned seat that was shown to them at rehearsal.
Robed teachers and ushers to check student robes and decor and verify that all students have their card
with their name written on it.
6:50pm: Students are taken to line up in order that matches the bus they will be riding. Begin loading kids
into buses as soon as they arrive.
7:00pm : Buses depart for amphitheater.
7:30-8pm : Buses arrive at amphitheater. Kids are taken off buses and lined up in order under the covered
area. Again robed teachers make sure all kids have their name cards and that no unacceptable attire is
After Ceremony: Robed teachers and ushers will escort students out of the amphitheater through lower
doors to staging area/loading dock. Students to meet immediately with parents and then either 1)leave
with parents, 2) board a bus back to Skyview, or 3) board the bus to the grad party. Students are not
allowed to drive to the grad party on their own.

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