Slow down or pay up in school zones

Extra Patrols on Now Throughout Clark County

School Zone signLaw enforcement throughout Clark County will be patrolling school zones in search of speeding (and distracted) drivers to ensure the safety of our youngest citizens as they head off to a new school year.

The posted speed limit in school zones is 20 MPH, and there are various types of signs in use at different schools that inform drivers of the school zone speed limit.

Truly, some of the greatest concerns on our roadways today are increased traffic, speeding and distracted drivers. All of these come together in school zones as greater number of vehicles travel more quickly in front of our schools – especially as children walk to and from school.

Studies show that a child has an 80-90 percent chance of survival after being hit by a car traveling 20 mph, however the same student would suffer a 90 percent death rate if the car was traveling 5-10 miles per hour faster.

For more information on speed safety in general and in school zones, visit:


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