World Studies Unit 6 Theme:

Challenges to Democracy and Human Rights

Getting started
Overview of unit theme

Since democracy's beginning there have been threats to the ideals that it promotes. In this unit, students will explore some of these challenges to democracy and challenges to human rights around the globe.

  • Apartheid
  • World Genocides (Armenian, Holocaust, Rwanda, Cambodia, etc.)
  • Chinese Human Rights
  • Issues related to religious expression
  • Geneva Conventions
  • U.N. Declaration of Human Rights
Essential questions
  • What role should nations and international organizations play in promoting human rights around the world?
  • Do all people share an interest in human rights?
  • Can genocide be prevented?
Background reading
Need to know Words Places Things
Unit plan
Connections to ABC-CLIO:
Guiding questions
  • How have developing nations confronted economic, political, and social challenges since 1945?
  • Should religious expression be protected by international law?
  • What are basic rights that all human beings share?
  • Please note: Currently, there are not any ABC-CLIO Analyze units for this topic. However, see the websites section of this unit for several websites that provide lesson plans for teaching about this topic.
Connections to the text
(eras, events,
geographic locations,
  • - Ch.
  • Interpreting and analyzing primary sources (text, music, art, and artifacts)
  • Understanding historical context and bias
  • Evaluating analyzing point-of-view
  • Supporting analysis with accurate evidence
  • Imbedding quotes and evidence in text
  • Citing sources and developing a bibliography
Supporting videos
Primary Sources
Sample formative assessments
  • Socratic seminar
  • Journal questions
  • Geography activities
  • Philosophical Chairs
  • primary source evaluation (DBQ)
  • reading assessment (summary/quiz/reading guide)
  • Think-Write-Pair-Share
  • Exit slips
  • Annotated article/reading
Sample summative assessments
  • Classroom Based Assessment (CBA)
  • Research Paper
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Unit Exam
Suggested CBA

1.2: Understands the purposes, organization, and function of governments, laws and political systems

1.3: Understands the purposes and organization of international relationships and U.S. foreign policy


2.1.1: Analyzes how the costs and benefits of economic choices have shaped events in the world in the past and present


3.2.1: Analyzes and evaluates human interaction with the environment across the world in the past or present

3.2.2: Understands and analyzes examples of ethnocentrism


4.1.2: Understands how the following themes and developments help define eras in world history: International conflicts (1870-present)

4.4.1: Analyzes how an understanding of world history can help us prevent problems today

SS Skills

5.2.1: Creates and uses research questions that are tied to an essential question to focus inquiry on an idea, issue, or event.

5.2.2: Evaluates the validity, reliability, and credibility of sources when researching an issue or event
5.3.1: Evaluates one's own viewpoint and the viewpoints of others in the context of a discussion.