World Studies Unit 3 Theme: Age of Revolutions

Getting started
Overview of unit theme

History is a story of change. These changes may be as sudden as a revolution, or take place over generations, such as the spread of democratic ideals. this unit will examine causes and consequences of revolutions and how society has been altered by these revolutions.

  • Enlightenment
  • French Revolution
  • Agricultural & Industrial Revolutions
  • Latin American Revolutions
  • Communist Revolutions
  • Technological Revolutions
Essential questions
  • What are the causes and consequences of political revolutions?
  • What are the economic, technological, political, social and geographic causes of change in human societies?
  • How are societies altered by the change from a rural/agarian society to an urban/industrial society?
  • What are the effects of new political and economic ideas?
Background reading
Need to know Words Places Things
Unit plan
Connections to ABC-CLIO:
Guiding questions
Connections to the text
(eras, events,
geographic locations,
  • The Age of Absolutism - Ch 4
  • The Enlightenment and the American Revolution - Ch 5
  • The French Revolution and Napoleon - Ch 6
  • The Industrial Revolution - Ch 7 & 9
  • Revolutions in Europe and Latin America - Ch 8
  • Revolution in Russia - Ch 15
  • Nationalism and Revolution Around the World - Ch 16
  • Africa - Ch 23 Section 1
  • Latin America - Ch 24
  • Developing a thesis
  • Interpreting and analyzing primary sources (text, music, art, and artifacts)
  • Understanding historical context and bias
  • Evaluating and analyzing point-of-view
  • Supporting analysis with accurate eveidence
  • Imbedding quotes and eveidence in text
  • Citing sources and developing a bibliographyt
Supporting videos
Primary Sources
Sample formative assessments
  • Socratic seminar
  • Journal questions
  • Vocabulary questions
  • Geography activity
  • Think-Pair-Share
  • Philosophical Chairs
  • Give One-Get One
  • Annotated Article/Reading
  • Student Responders
Sample summative assessments
  • Classroom Based Assessment (CBA)
  • Research Paper
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Unit Exam
Suggested CBA

1.2.3: Evaluates the impact of various forms of government on people in the past or present

Economics 2.1.1: Analyzes how the costs and benefits of economic choices have shaped events in world history (1450-present)
Geography 3.3.1: Understands how the geography of expansion and encounter has shaped global politics and economics in the past or present.

4.1.2: Understand how the following themes and developments help to define eras in world history:
4.2.1: Analyzes how individuals and movements have shaped World History (1450-present)
4.2.2: Analyzes how cultures and cultural groups have shaped world history (1450-present)
4.2.3: Analyzes and evaluates how technology and ideas have shaped world history.

SS Skills 5.2.1: Creates and uses research questions that are tied to an essential question to focus inquiry on social studies issues and historical events
5.3.1: Evaluates one’s own viewpoint and the viewpoints of others in the context of a discussion.
5.4.1: Evaluates multiple reasons or factors to develop a position paper or a presentation.