VPS World Studies Unit Electronic Resource Binders

Unit 1: World Religions

Major religions have had a fundamental impact on historical interaction. Knowing the basic development, beliefs, and locations of these religions allows students to better understand human interaction throughout world history.

Unit 2: Global Expansion and Encounter People have been motivated throughout history to explore and encounter other societies, cultures, and places in the world.
Unit 3: Age of Revolutions History is a story of change. These changes may be as sudden as a revolution or take place over generations such as the spread of democratic ideals.
Unit 4: Emergence and Development of New Nations Nations have not always existed, but they have a major role in modern history and our world today.
Unit 5: International Conflicts Since democracy's beginning there have been threats to the ideals that it promotes. In this unit, students will explore some of these challenges to democracy and challenges to human rights around the globe.
Unit 6: Challenges to Democracy and Human Rights Human history is filled with devastating tragedies: war, economic depression, genocide, ethnic cleansing. Nations go to war from many different reasons. This unit will examine the causes and consequences of international conflicts