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TPCASTT Poem Analysis Method - Template
Select the poem of your choice and reproduce it.
Copy this template onto a Word document.
Analyze the poem in the spaces provided, and submit
2 copies with template stapled on top. Keep an additional copy for yourself.

Insert poem of song title, author and words below





of poem means


each stanza of the Poem

Number each stanza as you go










List the words and their connotations (not dictionary definitions)

What do certain obviously meaningful words represent?











What is the attitude of the author, characters or yourself?







Attitude of author

Attitude of character(s) in poem [be specific]

Your attitude toward poem content

At first we think or feel one way then there is a shift:  identify shifts and explain them


There is a shift from the fly refusing to be drawn in by the fly's flattery in stanzas 1-10 to the fly forgetting all warning and being drawn in by the sly fly's flattery in stanza 13. The poem ends with a general warning in stanza 14.





Title revisited
Any new insights on meaning or significance of title?