Annis, Erin English Erin.Annis@vansd.org
Armstrong, Dave Social Studies dave.armstrong@vansd.org
Azorr, Elyse Math Elyse.Azorr@vansd.org
Baird, Kim Food Court kim.baird@vansd.org
Baskette, Michael  Structured Learning Michael.Baskette@vansd.org
Batchelor, Berni  Staff Assistant berni.batchelor@vansd.org
Bates, Daniel Spanish Daniel.Bates@vansd.org
Beatty, MaryAnn Nurse Maryann.Beatty@vansd.org
Bender, Greg Digital Electronics/Tech Tools  Gregory.Bender@vansd.org
Biggs, Jenna Photography Jenna.Biggs@vansd.org
Bond, Lori Clerk, 700 wing Lori.Bond@vansd.org
Brands, Bob AP Calculus, Calculus 2 and College Algebra  bob.brands@vansd.org
Brooks, Lydia  Photography /English/Journalism  Lydia.Brooks@vansd.org
Brown , Chrissy  Counselor  Chrissy.Brown@vansd.org
Buell, Hannah ASL Hannah.Buell@vansd.org
Carlson, Kym Tyelyn -  Principal kym.tyelyn-carlson@vansd.org
Charlestream, Heidi   English
Chun, Traci Teacher Librarian Traci.Chun@vansd.org
Cooper, Louise Staff Assistant louise.cooper@vansd.org
Coplen, Tamra Learning Support Tamra.Coplen@vansd.org
Corak, Emily English Emily.Corak@vansd.org
Cornelius , Catherine  English catherine.cornelius@vansd.org
Cowen, Ali Graphic Design Alexandra.Cowen@vansd.org
Curtland, Steve Math Steve.Curtland@vansd.org
D'Urso, Nancy Speech Language-Pathologist Nancy.Durso@vansd.org
Damiano, Rachel Math Rachel.Damiano@vansd.org
Davis, Abby Curriculum Associate Abby.Davis@vansd.org
DeGrande, Darin  Biology/ Phys Science  darin.degrande@vansd.org
Denton, Philip  Vocal Music /Orchestra  Philip.Denton@vansd.org
DeVilliers, Marla Fiscal Clerk  marla.devilliers@vansd.org
Erdman, Chris  Career Specialist chris.erdman@vansd.org
Eshragh, June  Clerk, Career Center june.eshragh@vansd.org
Farnsworth, Debbie Science debbie.farnsworth@vansd.org
Faulk, Nancy Spanish  nancy.faulk@vansd.org
Federovitch , Jeanne  French jeanne.federovitch@vansd.org
Finear, Elysia   Special Education
Fojtik, Angela Science Angela.Fojtik@vansd.org
Fullbright, Bobby  Technology Manager bobby.fullbright@vansd.org
Geranios, George Counselor George.Geranios@vansd.org
Girard, Janna Clerk, 900 wing Janna.Girard@vansd.org
Glassett, Luke Social Studies Lucas.Glassett@vansd.org
Gowen, Jay  Counselor jay.gowen@vansd.org
Gray, Jim Associate Principal james.gray@vansd.org
Gruhler, Matt Counselor Matt.Gruhler@vansd.org
Hamlin, Matt  Physical Education Matt.Hamlin@vansd.org
Hansen, Kim Math/SMT Magnet/Video Game Programming  khansen@vansd.org
Harris, Darlene Language Arts darlene.harris@vansd.org
Hathaway, Lindsey  World History/ Washington State History/Biology/AVID Lindsey.Hathaway@vansd.org
Hattan, Carol Math/SMT Magnet carol.hattan@vansd.org
Hays, Phil  Pre-engineering/Business phil.hays@vansd.org
Heichelheim, Tim   Band
Heidenreich, Ron Pre-AP Geometry, Foundations, Geometry ron.heidenreich@vansd.org
Helms, Lynn   Math and Storm Success Academy
Hodgins, Kathy Career Center/Marketing kathleen.hodgins@vansd.org
Hofferber, Bob Staff Assistant bob.hofferber@vansd.org
Horn, Mitch  Social Studies  mitch.horn@vansd.org
House, Pamela  Staff Assistant in Life Skills Pam.House@vansd.org
Howe, Kristina Counselor Kristina.Howe@vansd.org
Howell, Christy Head Secretary Christy.Howell@vansd.org
Humphrey, Megan Chemistry Megan.Humphrey@vansd.org
Jakubek, Stephanie Special Programs Counselor Stephanie.Jakubek@vansd.org
Jarnagin, Blaine English Blaine.Jarnagin@vansd.org
Johnson, Jenn  English/ASB Jennifer.Johnson@vansd.org
Johnson, Susan Math susan.johnson@vansd.org
Kaleta, Arlene Production arlene.kaleta@vansd.org
Kehdi, Ed Marketing ed.kehdi@vansd.org
Kizer, Steve Physical Education  steve.kizer@vansd.org
Lawrence, Michelle Math Michelle.Lawrence@vansd.org
Lefebvre, Ian  Dean of Students ian.lefebvre@vansd.org
Lim, Laura Math Laura.Lim@vansd.org
Lindeman, Carolynn Physical Education carolynn.lindeman@vansd.org
Macon, Nate Physics  nate.macon@vansd.org
Malixi, Mahenrika SMT Math /Math Mahenrika.Malixi@vansd.org
Manier, Scott SMT English Scott.Manier@vansd.org
Mannello, Jan Media Clerk Janet.Mannello@vansd.org
McGarvie, Stephanie Art/AP Studio Art/Calligraphy stephanie.mcgarvie@vansd.org
McKell, Tyler  Algebra tyler.mckell@vansd.org
McKinney, Colleen Chemistry/Ap Chemistry Colleen.Mckinney@vansd.org
McMillan, Stephanie Learning Support stephanie.mcmillan@vansd.org 
Mills, Kathy Biology Kathryn.Funkmills@vansd.org
Morrison, Julia English Julia.Morrison@vansd.org
O’Mara, Sarah   Orchestra
Phillips, Becky Associate Principal Becky.Phillips@vansd.org
Ponciano, Jean  Clerk Jean.Ponciano@vansd.org
Poston, Steve  ASL/Psychology steve.poston@vansd.org
Puhl, Danielle Learning Support Danielle.Puhl@vansd.org
Questad, Beverly English beverly.questad@vansd.org
Raymond, Jayna ASB Clerk jayna.raymond@vansd.org
Rice, Eric Art Eric.Rice@vansd.org
Rice, Scott Social Studies Scott.Rice@vansd.org
Richardson, Debbi  Paraeducator, Staff Asst. Debbi.Richardson@vansd.org
Rimmer, Patricia English Patricia.Rimmer@vansd.org
Robley, Linda Clerk, 400 wing linda.robley@vansd.org
Schaaff, Sandra Child Development/Health sandra.schaaff@vansd.org
Schedler, Lynn  Social Studies lynn.schedler@vansd.org
Schmidt, Kurt Science Kurt.Schmidt@vansd.org
Schmidt, Lisa Business/Technology lisa.schmidt@vansd.org
Scurrah , Doug Pyschologist Douglas.Scurrah@vansd.org
Selby, Jon English     jon.selby@vansd.org
Short, John Math john.short@vansd.org
Shults, Cody   Gear-Up
Silvey, Eric Social Studies eric.silvey@vansd.org
Skoog, John Chemistry john.skoog@vansd.org
Smith, Claire  Spanish/Translation & Interpretation  claire.smith@vansd.org
Smith, Jeff Facilities Manager jeff.lsmith@vansd.org
Stipic, Shawn Social Studies Shawn.Stipic@vansd.org
Strong, Gemma Clerk, 500 wing Gemma.Strong@vansd.org
Tautfest, Zach  Math  Zachary.Tautfest@vansd.org
Telford, Linda Attendance Clerk  linda.telford@vansd.org
Thompson, Jeff Physical Education/U.S. History  jeff.thompson@vansd.org
Thompson, Tad CWP tad.thompson@vansd.org
Tommerup, Joni Registrar Joni.Tommerup@vansd.org
Tortora, Jeremy  Chemistry jeremy.tortora@vansd.org
Trammell, Melissa  Special Education
Valenti, Hannah   Gear-Up
Vincent, Theresa Spanish theresa.vincent@vansd.org
Wales, Meredith  English
Walker, Jeff Science Jeffrey.Walker@vansd.org
Weir, Cindy  Clerk, 800 wing cynthia.weir@vansd.org
Williams, Julian  Physical Education julian.williams@vansd.org
Williams, Kaley   Health and Dance
Winter, Paula CWP /US History paula.winter@vansd.org
Wistrand, Nancy Video Production nancy.wistrand@vansd.org
Wyley, Jake English  
Yajko, John  Physical/ Earth Science and Biology John.Yajko@vansd.org
Young, Amy  Life Skills  amy.young@vansd.org
Young, Brennan Learning Support Brennan.Young@vansd.org