1. Middle/Junior High School Credits: Bring up Algebra or Foreign Language credits from 7th or 8th grade.

2. PLATO: Computer-based curriculum which allows students opportunity to complete coursework from previously failed classes and receive a passing grade and credit.  This option is available during the regular school year, primarily after school.

3. Vancouver Internet Connection (VIC) On-Line Classes: Washington State History, CWP, PE, Health, Money & Math, and SAT/PSAT Prep courses are available on-line through the district. Attendance at an orientation meeting (in addition to completion of materials using internet access) is required. Contact Steve Lindblom at 313-4990 for more information.

4. Summer School: PLATO computer-based curriculum for credit recovery in English, math, social studies, science, and physical education. Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions are available and students may register for multiple sessions. Cost is $150. per 0.50 credit.  Applications available in late May.

5. Clark County Skills Center Summer School: No cost! Student can earn 0.50 miscellaneous credit. Contact Skills Center at 604 -1050.

6. Correspondence Classes: Independent study at home, either through the mail or on-line. Brigham Young University or Portland State University. Costs range from $110 to $125 per .50 credit, plus books.

7. Enroll in Clark College class through Admissions Exception: Must pass COMPASS test, proving ability to handle college-level work. Student must pay own Clark College tuition (and Clark credit does not transfer equal to Skyview credit).

8. Second-year Senior: Return to Skyview High School after class graduates to complete necessary requirements. Available until age 21. Diploma granted upon completion of required credits.

Vancouver School District Alternative High School Options

1. Lewis & Clark High School: Credits are earned on a flexible point system and each student advances at their own rate. Hours are more flexible than traditional high school. Call LCHS at 313 - 4350 for more information.

2. Virtual Learning Academy: Complete on-line high school program through the Vancouver School District. Students must be enrolled full-time, and cannot be dual-enrolled with another high school. Visit for more information, or call 313-4990.

3. Vancouver Home Connection: Homeschool opportunity for families interested in a homeschool/district partnership. On-site classes, online classes, at-home contracted courses, etc., are available. Students and parents are required to meet monthly with the district to monitor and evaluate progress. Call 313-4990 for more information.

Alternatives for High School Completion

1. Clark College High School Diploma: Earn a state high school diploma requiring 19 credits through Clark College. Cost reduced if you are 19 or older. Students must pay Clark College tuition, and Clark credit does not transfer equal to Skyview credit. Contact 992 - 2274 for more information on evaluating your transcript, requirements for the program, etc. Vancouver School District and Skyview High School offers the 19 credit diploma option as well.

2. Personalized Learning Center (PLC): The goal of the PLC is to improve the academic skills of participating students and prepare them to be work and life ready. At the culmination of the program, students will have a base for: alternative graduation exams, diploma options, transition to workforce, and general life outside of high school. Contact Amanda Simmons or Steve Lindblom at 313-4985.

3. G.E.D. - ESD 112/Open Doors: Provides pre-testing, test preparation classes, and then the test itself free of charge. Call 750 - 7500, ext. 290 for more information.

4. Job Corps: Provides vocational training and job placement, plus assistance earning a G.E.D. or diploma. Must be 16 years old. Local office located at Town Plaza, with weekly orientations scheduled. Information is available at 901-1613 or

NOTE:  Costs subject to change at any time.  Contact the specific program, school, or agency for accurate, up-to-date rates and costs.


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