American Sign Language, Explores the world of American Sign Language, socialization in ASL with other ASL students, and helps out by signing at various school events. Steve.Poston@vansd.org

    ASB gives students the opportunity to become successful leaders by participating in the Student Government class. Students are involved with planning school activities such as assemblies, dances, and Mr/Ms Skvyiew. ASB students represent all Skyview students – anyone not directly involved in the class is able to share ideas and help with projects throughout the year!


    Anime Club, advisor Mahen Malixi, meets every Friday from 2:10-3:30.  Club’s purpose:  To bring students of a common interest, Anime, together and socialize.


    Be the Change, advisor Stephanie McGarvie, meets every 2 weeks after school in room 706.
    Club’s purpose:  To unify Skyview through the use of tactics that are endorsed by the Challenge Day Program such as helping out in challenge Days.  In addition, these club members attend and advertize outside of school activities to promote inclusion between different groups of people.


    Chess Club, advisor Dr. Claire Smith, meets every Friday in room 404 after school.  The purpose of the chess club is to promote recreational play, the study and practice of the game and participation in local and state tournaments.

    Christian Students United, Provides an outlet for students to share their faith in a safe, judgment-free environment. Jon.Selby@vansd.org
    Debate, Students compete in individual or team debate, individual humorous, dramatic or expository presentations or partner skits. Beverly.Questad@vansd.org
    DECA, Provides students with hands-on experiences in the fields of marketing, business and entrepreneurship. Enhances the classroom experience by providing conferences and competitions that mold high school students into character-driven leaders. Ed.Kehdi@vansd.org
    Diversity Committee, Members work to provide a safe, friendly place for students to meet, discuss and work together to bring about change in our community. They also seek to remove discrimination, prejudice and intolerance from our school. Susan.Johnson@vansd.org

    Eye of the Storm Photography Club, advisor Joe Wilcox, meets every Thursday 2:15 to 3:00 in room 709.  The purpose of this club is to learn photography skills while meeting other photographers and helping the community.

    French, is open to all students interested in learning more about and celebrating French culture. Jeanne.Federovitch@vansd.org
    German, Explores and celebrates German culture through movies, food, customs, and celebrations. This is a place for all students to come together and have fun. Linda.Micheel@vansd.org
    Green Team, The purpose of the Green Team is to increase school-wide recycling and reduce energy usage. Gregory.Bender@vansd.org
    Key, All students interested in community service can join this group. They help with events like Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF and Salvation Army Bell Ringing. Zachary.Tautfest@vansd.org
    Knowledge Bowl, Compete against other schools on general knowledge subjects like literature, history, math, and science in a game a bit like a quiz show or Jeopardy. Bob.Brands@vansd.org
    Math Mu-Alpha-Theta Carol.Hattan@vansd.org
    Model UN, Students meet to discuss, debate and practice different forum opportunities on issues of international importance. Opportunities include attending college and state MUN’s and other special events as well as putting on our own forums and special trainings. Beverly.Questad@vansd.org
    National Honor Society, Recognition and commitment to academic excellence, leadership, and community service. Nancy.faulk@vansd.org
    Natural Helpers, Welcomes and includes foreign exchange students into the Skyview community, focusing on the exchange ideas and customs on an international level. Nancy.faulk@vansd.org
    Red cross, Responsible for organizing the student blood drives and relief efforts that take place throughout the year. Gregory.Bender@vansd.org
    Robotics, A student organization dedicated to inspiring interest, respect, and participation in science, technology, engineering and math education. No prior experience required, just excitement about technology and a willingness to learn, work hard and have fun. khansen@vansd.org
    Skills USA, A national leadership and technical skills organization for students enrolled in Career and Technical Education courses. Visit http://www.skillsusa.org/ for more information. Nancy.Wistrand@vansd.org



    Storm Spoken Word Artists Community, This Club creates a forum and a sense of community for student writers/rappers/story tellers/ poets (tesses) within our school. Erin.Annis@vansd.org

    Table Tennis club, advisor Lisa Schmidt, meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4:00 near the downstairs vending machines.  The purpose of this club is to get people involved in Skyview activities.  If someone joins table tennis club and meets someone who convinces them to try out for another sport, than that is good for everyone.

    Theatre Club, Works on projects in every area of theatre production. Students have the opportunity to act, sing, dance, work on visual, sound and light design. Students also work in publicity, community outreach projects, and have a good time with friendly, supportive students and teachers. Philip.Denton@vansd.org

    Women in Action, Club will inform members and non members of the true definition of feminism, discuss women’s issues, and provide an open forum to foster different perspectives.


    Yu Gi Oh! Club, This club is for the game fanatics who want to get together with others to play the card game.